Comparison Of Hand And Machine Embroidery

Comparison Of Hand And Machine Embroidery

Do you want to know what the basic difference between hand and machine embroidery is? Then we have created this post only for you. The main difference between both is that hand embroidery is done by hands and machine embroidery is done with the help of machines. In the past, the hand method was used only and it is famous for it that the embroidery which is done by hands has a great value and people are very attached to hand-made garments. However, when we go into detail, we come to know that there are many differences in these both terms and it is necessary to know about them. In this post, we will discuss all the differences in detail so you can easily detect if the design is made with hands or machines.

Hand Embroidery

It starts with a piece of garment that is tightly stretched over a wooden or plastic hoop. The very first moment a stitch is made, the embroiderer will decide which thread color he wants to use and which type of thread would be the best. As the art unfolds, it is possible that they will change their minds in terms of colors and thread types to produce the best results. The end results give a very unique piece of work every time and it does not matter if you make the same design on different fabrics, if you will use different thread types and colors, the results will appear different and more beautiful. If you want to make hand-made designs on the fabric, then it is better to hire the services of freelance artists. The thread type used in hand embroidery is totally different from machine thread and this thread is stranded. You can easily get it from the market because it comes in silk, wool, and cotton as well. If you want to make flatter and delicate design, it is possible to separate the strands or combine them for making the bulk areas. If you will follow this process, then it will give more texture and distinction between numerous areas. To get the best hand embroidery results, it is better to choose one person from the top 10 digitizing freelances.

Machine Embroidery

The machining process can give you exact and uniformed results than hand embroidery. However, it depends on the embroiderer which design he chooses because in machines, thousands of built-in designs are available and if you want to convert an artwork, it is possible to digitize it too. For this purpose, you also need the embroidery digitization software. Just like hand embroidery, you can choose the thread type and color shades in machine embroidery but you won't avail the editing path. If you are willing to use a pre-designed pattern, then you have to follow the same design at every cost and it will give the same results every time. You might feel like you are running papers through a machine because each piece will look similar to the original one. The threads used in the machine embroidery are heavier than hand embroidery threads. You will find them made of polyester, metallic, or rayon but they are not stranded so you won't be able to separate or combine them to change the texture. If the thread is thick, you will see the thickness in the design too.
So, the main difference between both is the stitching process because hand embroidery gives you the opportunity to make multiple types of stitches, fabric, and threads. Every design will be unique and it depends on the crafter which design he wants to make. On the other hand, machine embroidery gives the same results every time and you will find nothing new. Machine embroidery makes computer-generated designs on the garments and all other items. Pre-designed patterns are stored in the computer program that controls the entire stitching process. All designs are identical and your entire project will look similar and there is no space for the freelance artwork to use his imagination and make the design beautiful. It is necessary to follow the machine instructions while making the design otherwise you will get very bad results.
Hand embroidery can be done with the help of hoop and the hoop size is selected by the vector artist according to his comfort level. If you will use a small hoop, then it will give you much better and finer results than the bigger hoop. In the same way, you can choose the needle size and thread type for making a design. You can also add your personal creative touch in the design for making the project "alive".

Which One Is Better?

Both hand and machine embroidery are totally different from each other and each is better in its own way. It totally depends on your end goals but hand embroidery work demands more artistic and creative abilities. It takes a long time and hard work to complete the designs and you have to do a huge investment in buying the threads, needles, and hoop. If you will hire the services of skilled digitizing artists, they will give you a masterpiece of art that will allow you to display the fabric and receive praise. On the other hand, machine embroidery produces professional and long-lasting work on the fabric and it takes a very short time to create these designs. There is no need to make your personal design because thousands of built-in designs are installed in the machines. If you want to convert an artwork, then digitizing software is also available in it. To convert the artwork, it is necessary to learn embroidery digitizing. With the help of a machine, you can make embroidery on the curtains, hats, and other items. You can also add cartoon characters, animals, and much more according to the demand of your clients. If you are new in the embroidery digitising area, then with some practice you can easily learn it. It is much easier and comfortable than handling the needles and threads. For machine embroidery, there is no need to be an expert.