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Hi, how may we assist you?

  • If you're freelanceing

  • How I get paid for my work?

    You will be able to request for the payment within 15 days after completing the job. Amount will be transferred onto your account.

  • What will be the payment currency?

    You will be able to get the amount in your local currency.

  • Can I share my personal information with the clients?

    Freelancerdigitizers provides processes and tools which allow customers and designers to communicate on design projects via the platform. No designer is allowed to share his/her personal information with the customers through any medium. Produced files representative will be checked by freelanerdigitizer’s support services and then will be delivered to the customer.

  • Can I display my designs outside of freelancerdigitizers Platform?

    Designers are not allowed to use or resell the designs. They cannot display their designs outside this platform. You may, however, use the design solely for promotional purposes as part of your Freelancerdigitizers portfolio.

  • Why my completed designs are missing from my portfolio?

    Once the design is done and delivered to the customer, it wont show in designer’s portfolio for more than 1 day. Design will be deleted automatically after that.

  • How do I change my username or email address?

    To update your username / display name you can do this through the following steps:

    • Access your My Profile page
    • Under the Public Profile tab, edit the Display Name field to enter your new display name.
    • Hit save.