Things To Know Before Hiring Embroidery Digitizing Company

Things To Know Before Hiring Embroidery Digitizing Company

We all know very well that a well-digitized design is very important to make your fabric stand out. If you are running a home-based or small business, it is necessary to hire an in-house or digitizing company for getting the embroidery digitizing services. It is necessary to hire the expert and professional services if you want to ensure quality and profit at the same time. For newcomers, it can be really hard to find the expert screen printing freelancer because there are many things that have to keep in mind. To run an embroidery business successfully, it is necessary to buy the wilcom digitizing software and other equipment but if you lack information about them, then things can become very difficult for you. While going to hire an embroidery digitizing company, there are different things you need to be aware of.

If the embroiderer is not good at digitizing himself, there are three ways he can follow in this situation.

  • Hire in-house digitizers
  • Hire freelancer digitizers
  • Outsource to digitizers

Now, let us see how all of these options can help you by comparing them with each other but if you are looking for the best option, then outsourcing can definitely cater to your needs.

Why outsourcing digitizing project is a good option?

First of all, clear your mind by understanding the fact that not all options are good for all types of businesses. It is your duty to determine your needs and then decide which option is better for you. Each business has different needs and they work in different circumstances, so their priorities can be different. Before selecting an option, it is better to sit down and ponder on whether an individual laser cut freelancer or a company can fulfill your needs. Will they help you increase your productivity level by giving you excellent quality work at the right time? How you will communicate with them at the time of need and it does not matter what choice you make, risks will be involved in the entire process. So, decide everything carefully and never make a quick decision.
You should select an option that can ensure to give you great quality and control over the process at an affordable price. If you are getting reasonable quality at a cost-effective rate but they deliver the project late, then it is not good for you. Critically think about each and every factor that will later impact on the reputation of your company and then make a choice.

In-house digitizers

If you are thinking about hiring in-house wilcom embroidery digitization services, then it is one of the safest options when it comes to quality and control. When you will have an in-house team, you will be able to know which process they are using and when the project will be completed. If you are a newbie, then it is obvious that you don't have much work to do. So, it is possible that you can't afford to pay to the in-house digitizers; therefore, an in-house option will not work out in your favor. If you have a lot of projects, then having a personal team is better.

Digitizing company

The last option is to hire the services of a digitizing company and award them your projects. If you want, you can work with them for a longer period of time according to your needs. In this way; you won't have to worry about the quality, delivery factor, and cost as well. If we compare hiring in-house or external services, the best one is external services because you will have to pay them only for the work they did for you instead of giving them salaries, benefits, and much more. As mentioned earlier, it depends on your circumstances which option is suitable for you.

These are the questions you must ask while interviewing the digitizer.

It can sound really easy to hire an in-house or freelance digitizer, but the real trick is to find a creative, responsible, trustworthy, and skilled person for the job. Another important factor you have to determine is their strong work sample. Before hiring them, it is better to see their best work and source artwork because it can tell you the whole story within a few minutes. However, you should not only base on the samples only but rely on their experience too. If he is good at handling technical and other responsibilities, then that person can help in the growth of your company. Asking these questions can help you determine if the person is perfect for the job or not.

Some of the basic questions that you have to ask during the interviews are as follows:

  • Are they familiar with screen printing, vector art, color separation, and wilcom digitizing? Which digitizing software they use because if they are not proficient at anyone, it could mean they will require more time to finish a project.
  • For how long they are working in the digitizing industry and what is their working experience?
  • For how long they have been digitizing and what motivated them to join this industry?
  • Have they ever operated embroidery equipment or not?

If the candidate will give you satisfactory answers to these questions, you will be able to make a good decision if you should hire him or not.

Ask the questions about his personal digitizing style

  • Do they remember the stitch count in the mind while digitizing for making the perfect design with a minimum amount of stitches?
  • Do they know about the market-related skills and techniques about the logos and jacket backs and fronts?
  • Can he make a unique design for embroidery or you need another person for this purpose?
  • Are they able to make decorative patterns, animals, and other things?
  • Are they able to handle the photos, vectors, raster, and bitmap images effortlessly?
  • Are they able to work with the artwork given by the clients or make design according to given instructions by the clients?

If the candidate gives you appropriate answers to all these questions, then you can hire them.